Austin Youth Team

Austin Youth 2019-2020

The future of anything, including our club, is in the youth we raise. The majority of our masters players are moms and dads and seeing kids enjoy this sport is important to us. The fastest growing part of our club is the youth area and we hope that your own kids will be a part of that growth.

We have a full year program for kids with multiple seasons. There are also seasonal beginner activities that we partner with the city on.

  • What is a season like?
    • We start with practices - everybody learns and trains.
    • We also have game days - chances to play other groups.
    • We may have an away tourney in Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston too.
  • Is it too late to join?
    • Anybody can join at any time.
  • My child has never played and may not be the strongest swimmer.
    • This team welcomes all levels - everybody has something to learn. We suggest that your child be able to swim at least 25 yards without stopping.
  • What are the ages being accepted?
    • We are accepting boys and girls ages 7 on up.
    • Where and When are practices?
      • Practice locations can be vairiable but our current locastions are at Circle C and the Jewish Community Center.
      • Below is a table of locations and times for the per current conditions.
      • Be certain to join the mailing list to get the latest!
      • The dates are also variable with scrimmages and tourneys - if unsure check first!
      • Practices
        Dates: Pool: Time:
        With exception of learning league game days South Austin at Circle C Saturdays 11-12:30pm North Austin at Jewish Community Center Sundays 12:30-2pm
    • Where and When are the Game Days?
      • Highly variable will update as they are scheduled.
    • What are the fees?
      • The Fall monthly participatin fee is $50 per child. This covers pool space, equipment, coaching. Gameday fees *MAY* be seperate. Pool fees are averaged across all the months rather than vary with practice counts for simplicity. Tourney fees are NOT included in the monthly fees. These must cover coach travel and other tourney costs.
      • Please make checks out to: Austin Water Polo Club.
      • All players must have USA Water Polo membership for liability coverage at practice and events. We suggest the minimal "Bronze" level. We are club #289 - Austin Water Polo Club.
      • USA Water Polo Membership
    • What is needed to play?
      • No equipment other than a swimsuit is needed. Goggles cannot be worn during water polo play but are fine for swimming warm up.
    • I still have more questions.

    Created By Austin Water Polo. For information contact information: info@austinwaterpolo.org